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Color Analyst

I am a Soft Autumn and, upon discovering this, a new world has opened up in front of me. Many doubts about clothing and style that I have always had, disappeared instantly. I therefore decided to undertake this work and I trained at the Italian Image Institute as a Color Analyst to share and let you discover the potential of colors on us.

Armocromia Siena
Analista del colore
Analisi del colore Siena

“I love travel and am enchanted by everything that can teach something new.”


Color Analysis

Let’s find out together the colors that enhance and illuminate you! Dinner? Business meeting ? Simple walk? I guarantee that once you discover your colors you will immediately be sunnier, brighter, happier and not only for others but first of all for yourself.

Each of us, for the mix of skin, eyes, hair has in his DNA some shades (colors) that give more than others.

Together we will discover your personal color palette, which I guarantee you will never be able to give up. It will be a journey into colors, all colors and you will notice how, with just a few, your face will instantly light up and the defects will fade.

analisi del colore siena
Organizzazione armadio uomo Siena


Closet Detox

After discovering your colors, it usually happens that you realize how many things have accumulated in our closets over the years. I can help you tidy up, first mentally and then manage your spaces. After the Color Analysis you will realize how much a Capsule of clothes is more useful to you than 100 T-shirts (which you will never wear) and therefore we will be able to concentrate together on creating it and defining your personal style.

In the service there is obviously the arrangement of your wardrobe with the choice of what to eliminate and what to keep. I will also create you a list of style tips, tailored to your needs for new targeted purchases that really enhance you.


Baby Closet Detox

Once children are born, their closet will become chaos.

Among the clothes purchased, those donated by friends, gifts received ranging from birth to 3 years. I will arrange everything for you in detail. I will help you manage the sizes, decide what to keep, what to give and what to throw away. And of course I will do everything myself with your supervision!

Organizzazione Armadio Baby Siena